What is the best accounting software?

So the big question – what is the best accounting software?

In our opinion the clear market leader is Xero. Xero were the first truly cloud based software. The competitors like MYOB and Reckon were originally built for desktop computers – meaning you had to install on your computer or server and update every year. In our opinion, they have still not caught up to Xero.

Xero spend many millions on their research & development each year, and each year the service and features get better and better. To put it simply, we consider Xero to be the Apple of the accounting world. Will they always be the best? We’re not sure. But whilst they are, we will use and recommend them over all others.

To be honest, we’re sceptical of bookkeepers that claim to know all programs.  The industry is moving and developing so quickly, we find it hard enough to stay on top of one program, let alone 3 or 4.  There’s training days, conventions, and roadshows each year; plus countless updates, add-ons and new features every month.

We’re honest about who we are and what we know.  It’s easy to say you know every program and do an okay job of each of them.  Instead, we’ve done the research and chosen to specialise in the best program and dedicated ourselves to knowing it as best we can.

What if you are not currently using Xero? Easy. Switch across. It’s honestly not as hard as you think. We know, we do a couple of conversions every week. If you value your time and want to be a Bigger Fish in your pond, you need to use the market leader.


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