About Us

A fresh perspective on bookkeeping.
We're business owners who love to help
other business owners grow and succeed.

Bigger Fish is designed for business owners who want to get on with the excitement of running a growing business.

In short… you’ve got bigger fish to fry.


We’re passionate about using the latest technology to get the most done, in the least amount of time.

We have an insatiable appetite for learning. Learning what works, what is nonsense and what can be shared with you to improve your business and personal life.

Most importantly, we believe your numbers should drive your business, not put the brakes on. Too often we see business owners struggling to stay on top of their basic day to day financials.

Throw on top of this payroll, tax and invoicing and you’ll find most of your time is spent putting out fires – when you should be igniting your passion for growth and development.

Bigger Fish is about growing from a little fish, to the shark tank and beyond – we’ll help your business get going with accurate, transparent bookkeeping and advanced processes.

Who We Are

Shaun Newton

Numbers & Coaching

Shaun is the numbers man at Bigger Fish, he's the go-to person to help business owners understand their financials and set meaningful profit goals. Shaun's the old head in the business with over 14 years of professional experience and holds a Masters in Professional Accounting.

John Liston

Systems & Technology

John's the tech nerd at Bigger Fish, he's always on the lookout for the most advanced and efficient way to do any task. He has a passion for learning and teaching what works to business owners. John holds a Masters of Applied Finance.

Felicity McGlinn


Felicity runs the day to day at Bigger Fish, making sure clients feel the love and consistently receive the premium level of service we pride ourselves on. Felicity holds a Bachelor of Arts and is a Xero Certified Adviser.

Felicity holds a Bachelor of Arts, & also Xero Payroll Certified, Xero Migration Certified & a Xero Certified Adviser.

Laura Bailey

Senior Bookkeeper


Laura is our Senior Bookkeeper at Bigger Fish. As a qualified Bookkeeper, Laura has a knack for all things payroll – from leave accruals to award rates, this girl has you covered! Laura is Xero Payroll Certified, Xero Migration Certified & a Xero Certified Adviser (to be honest, we are almost surprised that she doesn’t work for Xero.)

Rosel Batac



Rosel is one of our resident bookkeepers at Bigger Fish, making sure that our client accounts are kept to the highest standard. Rosel has an eye for detail & constantly improving the automation of our client accounts. Rosel is also Xero Payroll Certified, Xero Migration Certified & a Xero Certified Adviser